Summer gigs !

HI folks! I have not announced any gigs lately: mostly i have been performing in senior residences this winter/spring, as well as writing.   But…. I have been singing so much,- studying it, and I am liking it. Time to step it out.  So, with my voice, piano, and  dear friends, ” Squirrel Talk” … We will be playing Saturday, July 1, from 7 to 8:45.   Joe Mauer and Dierdre Jenkins have a personal, eco-lyrical bent: unlike anyone else that I hear these days. Who else plays mandola suporting  a warm, soaring, sensual voice,  in a song about  vultures arriving?  ( check out their website!!! buy their release !!!)


I am going to be at Amore coffee for three shows this summer: Saturday, July 1, July 29,and August 19th.  Each one will be a bit different.

And…. I am preparing for a BIG SHOW in September 29, 30th.  … writing new compositions, having a mini tour with a SPECIAL GUEST  !!!!!  I will tease you about this further, later.

Until that time… be very  groovy.

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