Saturday, July 1st

Spring has come, passed, summer is almost mid. The usual temperature markers no longer seem to apply any more.    So what do we do  about it?  Live our lives with an exclamation point !!!

It’s time to sing. For the past two years, Todd has been earning more and more of his living , by singing in senior homes. He plays piano, but mostly not jazz. He is really starting to like it !  You will hear songs that you might not associate with Todd Harper the piano player.  It’s a quick show….. from 7 to 8:45. Admission is… well, pay something.

Joining him as special guests are the mighty eco-jazz duo, “Squirrel Talk”

If you are not going to the mythical ” up north”, or to  an archetypical ” cabin”, by the what once had clean water ( the lake), then, you need to come to:

West St. Paul.

Amore Coffee  879 Smith Ave W  55118


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